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Hawtcessories takes Kentucky for KYSU Homecoming!

We already had plans to return back to our old stomping grounds for the Homecoming season, however, once we saw a vending opportunity, we just knew that we had to be apart of it. This event is going to be a Kickback, basically meaning, come for a good ole time! Seeing as to how this event was at a Winery, we could only imagine how much fun this would actually be.
When we arrived to the event location, we were welcomed by all types of animals from Horses to Chickens and right on down to the Cats and Dogs. The Kick Back was being held inside of a large barn, and it was a super cool environment. There were other vendors in the building such as No Fingerprints (Clothing), All Glam Cam (Hair & Beauty), Eve of Adam Organics (Hair & Skin Care) and Qu'Tie (Cosmetics). There were games, a live DJ, and just a lot of fun! We were happy to gain new Hawtees in different area codes too. 
We will definitely be returning next year, except we will be doing ALL events!! See ya next year Kentucky State University. Thank you for the for love and the warm welcome. 

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